Membership Types

Our membership is comprised of representatives from local corporations and leading travel industry suppliers working in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Membership types are defined as:


Direct Membership shall be limited to any person regularly employed to 1) procure business travel services for employees of the corporation or organizations, or 2) promulgate and administer business travel polices for the corporation or organization. Direct members shall have all voting rights and may hold elective office within the Association.

Allied Membership is open to any person who is responsible for directing the business conducted by the following companies: Auto Rental, Bus, Certified Air Carrier, Charge Card, Credit Card, Cruise Line, Hotel, Motel, Railroad, Travel Related Automation Company, Travel Management Consulting Firms, Travel Management Companies and other travel professional services firms or associations. Allied membership shall have all voting rights unless otherwise specified herein, and may hold elective office within the Association.


Educator Membership  shall be open to any full time professor / instructor / administrator from a licensed or accredited school/university engaged in teaching students in subject areas related to OVBTA's core focus of business travel.  Said members shall have all the same rights and privileges as Allied members.


Honorary Lifetime Membership shall be limited to members of good standing who retire from employment on a full-time basis. Lifetime membership may be appointed to such members by a majority vote of the membership. Lifetime membership shall have all rights and privileges of the Association with the exception of voting rights and holding an elective office. There shall be no assessment of dues and such member shall remain on the mailing list and roster designated as "Honorary Lifetime Member."


Membership is open to all individuals who are engaged in travel procurement, transportation, lodging and associated professions.  Please complete our Membership Application to join, or email our Membership Committee with any questions at [email protected]