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OVBTA Wins First Place in the 12th Annual Government Relations Challenge!

Thanks to OVBTA’s awesome members, for supporting the Business Travel PAC throughout the year and in the final week of the challenge. It was a close race between 9 chapters/affiliates in our division, but thanks to your generosity, we were able to clinch a victory!



Small Division

Utah Chapter


Medium Division

Ohio Valley Chapter


Large Division

Dallas Chapter


Together with all GBTA Chapters and Affiliates, we raised a record amount of PAC funds: $59,490.50!

Why this matters…

As a part of the government relations strategy, GBTA targets those members of Congress who have been supportive of the business travel industry and makes contributions through the Business Travel PAC to their election campaigns.  Business Travel PAC is a non-partisan political action committee. PAC funds are used to support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro-business travel interests.

Thank you for getting involved and making a difference in the business travel industry!

Doug Payne, CCTE                                         Mary Pelino, CTA

GBTA Legislative Liaison                               OVBTA Chairman

As an official chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Ohio Valley BTA supports the efforts of GBTA in providing a unified voice for the business travel industry.  Through our Legislative Liaison and engaged members, Ohio Valley BTA participates in various activities to further the interests of our industry.  The importance of these efforts are best summarized by GBTA:

About GBTA Government Relations

GBTA advocates for policies that better the business travel industry, representing travel buyers and the travelers they manage. Business travelers are a consistently underrepresented constituency, despite the fact that the business travel industry represents $1.3 trillion in business travel and meetings expenditures annually. Business travel is also a major driver for jobs and the economy, responsible for 7.4 million jobs in the United States, 1.2 million jobs in Mexico and nearly a half million jobs in Canada. With more than 9,000 global members, regional partners, 39 local chapters and affiliates, and a network of 30,000 business travel and meetings professionals, GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry. GBTA actively speaks out on policy issues across the globe and frequently meets with representatives in Washington, D.C. and Brussels in an effort to advance the business travel industry.

What We Do

Government Relations advocates policies that benefit the business travel industry. Along with GBTA members across the country, we educate members of Congress and governments abroad, their staff, and executive branch officials about:

  • How business travel stimulates economic and jobs growth
  • Pro-Business Travel Government policies
  • Benefits of efficient travel buying and selling
  • Government policies and taxes that discourage or impede business travel

OVBTA Members Thank Senator Portman and Representative Massie for Their Support

OVBTA Members and Brutus at the 2018 Legislative Summit

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – the voice of the global business travel industry – hosted its 16th annual Legislative Summit. Over 130 GBTA members representing 23 states attended, calling on lawmakers to pass a five-year FAA Bill ensuring a long-term plan for the future of aviation and to ensure the entire 9-11 Aviation Security Fee is used for airport security and passenger facilitation.OVBTA was well-represented at the Summit. Several of our members took the time to travel to Washington DC to meet with elected representatives to present and discuss issues of importance to our industry, which included:

  • Business Travel as an Economic Driver: Congress should understand business travel is important to the overall economy, given the industry contributes roughly 3 percent of U.S. GDP, equivalent to the automotive industry.
  • Pass the FAA Bill: Congress needs to pass this bipartisan bill now and not pass another extension. The final bill should maintain a 5-year authorization, it should maintain its no cell phones on planes language and should continue to reject efforts to increase the passenger facility charge.
  • Keep the 9-11 Security Fee for Security: As part of the last two budget deals, Congress voted to funnel part of this fee to go towards federal deficit reduction. GBTA members are asking members of Congress to co-sponsor the FASTER Act to support using the entire fee for airport security and passenger facilitation to keep air travel safe.

Get Involved Today!

You can help! There are many ways yoiu can help insure the important messages and activities are reaching your elected representatives. GBTA has full-time staff members who work very hard to communicate business travel priorities and concerns with legislators and their staff members. There are many ways you can help:

  • Join the OVBTA Legislative/Government Relations Committee.
  • Call or email your Representative and Senators and encourage them to support the specific issues the GBTA outlines as important to our industry. 
  • Speak out on behalf of your profession, employer and industry by giving financial support by donating to the GBTA PAC. 
    • Federal PAC Rules state that you must be a member of an organization to donate to their PAC. If you are not a member, click here to join OVBTA

For further questions about our government relations efforts, please contact the OVBTA Legislative Liaison, Doug Payne.