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Hello Everyone!

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 “Tracking Employees in a New Landscape- Compliance Concerns for Travelers and Remote Workers”- Diana  Mikitin, Aires

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Membership Minute



GBTA Global Scholarship Program

We are excited to announce the launch of a new GBTA global scholarship program, made possible by the contributions of a GBTA sponsor that wishes to remain anonymous. The new scholarship program is designed to make GBTA Academy courses accessible for hundreds of members during this difficult time.

Scholarship recipients may use the funds for the Certificate in Corporate Travel Execution (CCTE) program, which GBTA will be relaunching later this year in partnership with Cornell University, or for other education programs offered by GBTA Academy including:

  • Fundamentals for Business Travel Management;
  • Advanced Principles of Business Travel Management;
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Meeting Management;
  • Global Leadership Professional (GLP) education courses and designation programs
  • Those who who are interested and qualify to sit for the Global Travel Professional (GTP) Certification exam.

How to Apply:
Current GBTA members and Chapter members may apply by selecting a program and completing an online application. Applications will be reviewed as received and the GBTA Professional Development Team members will notify those applicants selected to receive scholarship dollars.

Learn more about GBTA professional development and education programs for business travel professionals at every level.

If you have any questions please e​​​​mail [email protected]

Thank you,

GBTA Membership Team
[email protected]

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Calendar of Events

Upcoming Meetings

May 25th 10-11:30AM EST Virtual Meeting

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September - Live Geneva on the Lake, Cleveland OH

October Possible Joint Education Day with Michigan

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Legislative Action

Good afternoon Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, Advocacy Committee members, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Liaisons


In case you missed this in Today’s Daily News brief. GBTA has been working both sides the EU and U.S. to move this along. The attached letter and a similar letter sent to the EU  follow GBTA’s global policy statement on Digital Health Certificates.


The GBTA policy was developed at an Advocacy meeting on Feb. 18 that included EU Advisory Board members, Partners, Canadian representatives, GBTA Board members and the Advocacy Committee Chairs Rick Wakida and Matt Assolin.


GBTA – DIGITAL HEALTH VERIFICATION: Governments need to establish a digital verification system for test and vaccination. Governments should consider the following as they move forward:

  • A common set of international standards will help governments assess that a particular person has been approved.
    • Standards should include a negative test result or record of vaccination or immunity certificate and meets the entry requirement form a destination.
  • Governments should also consider work being done by IATA, ICAO, OECD and other organizations and countries so that as much standardization and interoperability as possible can be achieved.
  • This solution should be user-friendly, GDPR-compliant and facilitate travel. Whilst these solutions are still being developed, existing tools (such as national official coronavirus apps or the existing WHO yellow card) should be used as a verification method in the meantime.


As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions




Bloomberg News Article on the attached letter

Airlines and Travel Groups Urge U.S. to Develop Virus Passport

By Mary Schlangenstein | March 8, 2021 6:07PM ET

U.S. airlines, joined by travel groups and labor, urged the Biden administration to take the lead in developing standards for temporary Covid-19 health credentials that would help reopen global travel by documenting vaccinations and test results.

The U.S. “must be a leader” in efforts already underway in other regions to implement such travel passports, groups including Airlines for America said in a letter Monday to Jeffrey Zients, the head of President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 recovery team. It’s essential for the government to partner with carriers and the travel industry “to quickly develop” standards, they said.

Increasing numbers of vaccinations and slowing rates of disease in many countries are expected to trigger a surge in travel after many consumers spent a year staying close to home to avoid contracting coronavirus. Covid-19 Health Certificates, or CHCs, are seen as essential to reopening many nations that have imposed quarantines or other restrictions on travelers from other countries. The U.S. currently requires a negative Covid-19 test for those entering the country by airplane.

“The current diverse and fragmented digital health credentials used to implement different countries’ air travel testing requirements risk causing confusion, reducing compliance and increasing fraud,” the groups said. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can help lead the global discussion, increasing certainty that test results are legitimate, prioritizing passenger privacy, improving operational efficiency for the aviation industry ecosystem, and strengthening protections against importation of the virus.”

Members of the European Union also face increasing pressure from voters and businesses for a road map to end lockdowns and restrictions. The European Commission will unveil a proposal this month for a “Digital Green Pass” that will provide proof that a person has been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19, or has received a negative test.

Such documentation also could be used eventually at sports arenas, theme parks, business meetings and restaurants, according to the letter, which was signed by 27 groups, including the Air Traffic Control Association, the Global Business Travel Association, Airports Council International-North America, the Allied Pilots Association and the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.



Shane Downey

Vice President, Government and Community Relations

Global Business Travel Association

Main: +1 703 684 0836 ext 1131

Direct: +1 703 236 1131

Cell: + 1 703 459 7425

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Sponsor Spotlight


A very special THANK-YOU! to our 2020-21 Sponsors, we could not do it without you!

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Welcome New Members


A Very big Welcome to our new members!

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Volunteer with OVBTA

Ohio Valley BTA Volunteer Opportunities

During this time of COVID-19 many members roles have changed with their companies and because of this OVBTA is looking for members who want to get involved in chapter activates as travel begins start up again and the Executive Board begins to plan for the future. This a great way to become more engaged in our local OVBTA Chapter and a great way to maximize your OVBTA membership opportunities. Many volunteers often grow into the Committee Chairman and even eventually have the great opportunity to serve on Chapter Board of Directors.

The Committees listed below need several members to join their committee. If you are interested in volunteering complete the information below and designate the committee(s) in which you are interested. The form will be shared with the Executive Board and the Committee Chair, and they will reach out to discuss and provide additional information about responsibilities and time commitment.

Email form to Wini Cloran, OVBTA Past President and Board Chairman to [email protected]    

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Business Phone #: __________________________________________________________________

Mobile Phone #: ___________________________________________________________________

Are you a Direct Member (Buyer) _____________

Allied Member (Supplier) ___________________

Indicate with (X) Committee/Committees where you have interest:

 Meeting Planning Committee: __________________

Program Committee: _______________________

Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee: ___________

Scholarship Committee: _____________________

Communication Committee: ___________________

Social Media: ______________________________

Website Management: _______________________

Registration: _______________________________

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