Scholarship Opportunities and Guidelines

The OVBTA awards scholarships to active OVBTA members on a first-come, first-serve and merit basis. 

The OVBTA Board will allocate funds based on the number of applicants and interest in the folllowing programs for Calendar year 2020:

  • GBTA Convention scholarship 2020

  • GBTA Global Travel Professional (GTP) Academy Certification program scholarship

  • GBTA Legistlative Symposium 2020

For links to these scholarship opportunities please see Professional Development page

 General Scholarship Terms:

  1. Scholarships will be awarded to qualified active members of OVBTA to advance their career in the business travel industry.

  2. Scholarships will be awarded in various amounts based on need and reimbursed with receipts.

  3. Scholarships cannot be applied to courses already completed.

  4. Scholarships must be used within one year of acceptance.

  5. Scholarships are given to the individual and are not transferable.

  6. After completion of the program/course/certificate/certification for which the scholarship was used, recipient must share their experience at the first available OVBTA meeting and/or must write a short article about their experience for the OVBTA newsletter. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Applicant's company must certify that it endorses the applicant and will allow the applicant necessary time and/or additional funding to attend the courses or programs.

  2. Applicants must be a current active member of OVBTA in good standing at the time the application is submitted, the scholarship awarded and the funds dispersed.

  3. Applicant must comply with all schedules and requirements pertaining to the scholarship application process.

  4. Applicants are eligible to receive no more than $3,000 in a consecutive two year (24 month) period.

 Application Submission Process:

  1. Application period officially opens September 25, 2019 and runs thru October 31, 2019.

  2. Complete the following three items and submit:

    • Online Application click here

    • Essay - as outlined on the application page. Please read directions carefully and provide answers to the specifc essay question. Essay answers not applicable to the question will not be counted as part of the final score.

    • Certification of employer to endorse applicant’s participation.  Please click here to send the form to your employer.

  3. Questions should be sent to [email protected] and this email address will be maintained by the Scholarship Chairperson, Erin Ramos, and President Wini Cloran

 Application Review Process:

  1. Full applications are treated as privileged communication and are restricted to: Erin Ramos, Chairman Scholarship Committee and Wini Cloran, President.

  2. The application will be assigned a number and the (numbered) application will be forwarded to the Evaluation Committee. 

  3. Evaluation Committee shall consist of active Direct and Allied members who are not requesting a scholarship this year. 

  4. Once the application is reviewed, and either approved or denied, the applicant will be notified by Erin Ramos.

  5. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve and merit basis.

The decision of OVBTA to grant or not to grant a scholarship rests within the sole and unfettered discretion of OVBTA, shall be final and binding, and shall not be subject to challenge in any court for any reason. 

Scholarship Funds Disbursement:

  1. Recipients will have 12 months from the time the scholarship is awarded for the scholarship funds to be used. 

  2. Recipient must pay for their selected educational program directly and submit proper documentation showing that the course/event was completed for reimbursement.

  3. An expense reimburse form will be provided to each recipient.  Scholarship funds will apply to tuition, registration and travel expenses.  Original or scanned receipts will be required for reimbursement and must be submitted within 90 days after the event for which the scholarship was awarded.

  4. An OVBTA check will be sent directly to the recipient once proper documentation has been received by the OVBTA Treasurer.

  5. Exception:  The 2020 GBTA Convention Scholarship recipient/s may submit an expense reimbursement request for the registration fee immediately and/or this fee may be paid directly by OVBTA Treasurer.