A Great Meeting in Cincinnati, February 2018

The attendees at the February 20, 2018 OVBTA quarterly chapter meeting in Cincinnati were treated to a great deal of high-value, actionable content on business travel. There is agreement across the industry that traveler safety, convenience and satisfaction are surfacing as issues for those who help to create, implement and manage traveler programs. Our guest speakers each delivered very well-received presentations that touched on those points.

Jerry Koehler with the TSA shared some fascinating information on the history and development of the TSA Pre-Check program including how it combines the TSA mission to "Protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce" with a strong focus on improving the screening process and experience for enrolled travellers. 

Those 6,000,000 us who have TSA Pre-Check know it's certainly an great way to expedite the security process through the airport. Jerry shared that it's not only a benefit to travelers but also to airport authorities and airlines. 

Click here to download a pdf of Jerry's PowerPoint decks

Our next speaker, Jeanne Liu, VP Research at the GBTA Foundation presentation focused on the results of the 2017 GBTA Traveler Friction Research Survey. The survey results were quite powerful as they detailed the impact of travel on travelers and organizations. In addition to the  impacts of travel on productivity and personal wellness, businesses can incur extremely high costs if a burned out traveler decides to leave the organization. Costs to replace them run from 125% to 300% of employee salary.

The bottom line is that a strict focus on costs without regard to the physical and emotional impact on regular travelers could be a strategy with several negative repercussions.

Click here to download a copy of Jeanne's PowerPoint decks.

Our final presenter, Vinod Varma with American Express Global Business Travel, took on the tough task of being the first after-lunch speaker. No heads were nodding as he proceeded to give an engaging and very interesting presentation on Removing Friction in the Customer Experience using the Design Thinking approach. The background of the approach and how it's been used in different situations was very impactful as he related how the approach was used by General Electric Medical Systems. GE recruited creative talent from Disney to find ways to lessen the fear experienced by children facing regular visits to hospitals for MRI's.

Using the same methodology, Vinod explained how he and his team used Design Thinking to improve the traveler experience by developing proactive systems to reach out to travelers facing interruptions to their travel plans.

 Click here to download a copy of Vinod's PowerPoint decks.

Thanks to all who attended as well as to the Westin Cincinnati for their wonderful hospitality. And, as always, thanks to our sponsors!


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