"In my business, it is important to keep abreast of developments and trends that may affect travel and its supporting infrastructures. I find the programs at OVBTA meetings serve that purpose very well. In addition, my participation on the Technical Committee has guided me into contacts with other professionals in the business that broaden my perspective on issues and new trends, thereby allowing me to discern what "new fad" might be worth learning more about or taking action to review in appropriate detail.

OVBTA has a very talented, experienced, professional group that serves on its Board. Interaction with them is always stimulating, invigorating and always provides some tidbit of information that I'd not have received from any other organization or process. OVBTA is well worth my time and the price is small compared to other options."

Phil Roberts,
PAR Travel Tech, Inc.


"I've been in the travel business for more than 20 years, but I never come away from an OVBTA without learning something new, meeting someone new or bringing something back to use to continuously improve my travel program. Plus, being an "old-timer" myself now, I have the opportunity to give guidance and advice to the people just starting out in the industry like I used to find so valuable when I was new to the business."

Phil T.


"In the rapidly evolving business travel industry, it's critical to keep current with emerging and evolving trends and technologies as well as customer expectations. The OVBTA is a unique mix of industry professionals that includes both buyers and suppliers, which provides me with an excellent opportunity to learn from both. In addition to excellent networking opportunities, the programs, speakers and panels at the chapter meetings deliver top-quality content and interactions on current industry issues.

I've been in the travel industry for over 15 years and I learn something new at each meeting that I can apply in my business.  I look forward to attending and always leave with a feeling that my time was very well-spent."

Paul Flood
Director of Sales
Prestige Travel Leaders


"I have been in the hospitality industry for over twenty years and decided to join OVBTA in order to stay abreast of the information & trends within our industry as well as to network, make new connections and bring new business to my property.  Within my first six months in OVBTA, I was able to show a significant ROI for the investment based upon new business capture.  Now it has been almost three years since I started with this organization and I feel that I have grown both professionally & personally via the information and connections made through the organization. 

Though active participation on the board and chairing the Silent Auction committee, my contacts in this market have grown tremendously.  As in any industry, it is always beneficial to reinvest in continued growth and networking within your realm to stay fresh, passionate and significant.  I encourage anyone that is passionate about the Hospitality & Travel Industry or who is new in their career & wants a solid foundation, to consider joining OVBTA."

Tracy D. Bonds
Corporate Travel Manager

The Westin Indianapolis


“The corporate travel industry has always been an everchanging industry but in recent years it is changing faster than ever before, making it virtually impossible to be a SME on all topics. This is where being part of OVBTA has been so beneficial. The association has a great mix of buyers and suppliers with varying levels of experience and unique domain knowledge.  Whether a buyer or a supplier, one can benefit from the knowledge of OVBTA’s membership. We are fortunate to have representation from some of the most recognizable brands. Everyone is here for the same reasons networking, education and a shared passion for the industry.

Having been a Direct Member for many years and now as a Supplier Member, I can say without question that our quarterly meetings are not a hunting ground filled with suppliers that are only interested in talking with you if you can benefit them in some way. But rather a group of business travel professionals anxious to learn from one another and help solve what are sometimes unique and complex issues or to benefit from the experience and insight of others who face similar challenges”

Bobbi Huber
Global Account Manager
Cornerstone Information Systems


I rejoined the world of corporate travel after a 12-year hiatus from the industry. As you can imagine, the industry changed tremendously in that time frame. I joined OVBTA soon after and I have found it be extremely beneficial. The meetings include a variety of current topics while offering ample networking opportunities. Being involved with OVBTA the past 5 years has helped me gain valuable industry knowledge as well as perform better with my current position. Thanks, OVBTA!

Rebecca Gorman
Director of Sales and Marketing
Crowne Plaza Columbus Downtown


It’s been a pleasure and honor working with and being a part of OVBTA.  I began as a member and have enjoyed my time as a committee chair.  The Ohio Valley chapter has been a great asset to my growth as a Travel manager.  Each meeting brings something fresh and new to the table and I always way away with action items for my company.  I don’t think I’d have been so successful early on without the assistance from those at OVBTA.

Ilene Onieal
Program Manager, Global Travel

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